Concreting of Pandan, Antique to Libertad, Antique Road

The concreting of the road from Pandan, Antique to Libertad, Antique is ongoing since it started in June 2009. There were press releases regarding the concreting of this particular road since 2007 and it is materializing just now. For so many years people of Pandan, Antique and Libertad, Antique have suffered on this rough road especially during rainy season. Rough roads are not bad per se but a main road being used everyday is not at all fun.

It was a pain in the neck commuting riding the tricycle or any modes of transportation especially for the students, office employees, and all the other residents living in other barangays a few kilometers away from the town proper. Most often, people ride the tricycles which are not really that comfortable compared to cars and buses.

The concreting of the road is not yet finished but people are hoping that it will be completed, meaning really finished up to Libertad, Antique before election next year. It is expected that this Pandan-Libertad Road project will be finished by March 2010.

PIA Press Releases:

DPWH Antique to complete P155-M roads, bridges in 2009

San Jose, Antique (10 September 2009) — The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is set to complete the construction of P155 million worth of roads and bridges in the Province of Antique before 2009 ends.

Engr. Benny O. Fabila, OIC Asst. District Engineer of DPWH Antique said that the funds is intended for the concreting of roads sections among which are the Odiong-San Remigio road, Sibalom-Pis-anan, road going to Antique Airport and Bantayan-Cubay road which are vital road networks that link the nautical highway (roll-on roll-off) and are essential to trade and commerce.

In 2008 according to Engr. Fabila, DPWH has released the amount of P10M for concreting of roads and bridges along Bantayan-San Pedro-Sibalom-Bia-an, Hamtic circumferential road which is also up for completion this year. Concreting of roads and bridges from Ilaures, Bugasong going to Valderrama is also ongoing and expected to be completed this 2009.

The Regional and National Project Management Office of DPWH is also monitoring the on-going implementation of Guinsang-an, Hamtic-Anini-y to San Joaquin Road in the south and Pandan-Libertad road in the north which are included in the super region blue print of action of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, said the source.

In terms of road maintenance, Engr. Fabila noted that Iloilo-Antique road got the biggest slice of the budget because of the recurring road depression/damage during heavy rains. The road section needs to be repaired immediately since it is a major link to other provinces in Region 6.

Meanwhile, DPWH reported that under the leadership of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo it has improved and built 51,985 kms of roads nationwide costing to P177.791 billion with 238,851.29 meters of bridges.

Other major infrastructure projects include flood control in the amount of P32.001 billion, school buildings with a total cost of P15.676 billion, farm to market roads with P6.842 billion, other infrastructure projects under the regular program of DPWH in the amount of P36.718 billion and P10.566 billion worth of roads in partnership with Department of Agrarian Reform. (PSM/PIA)

DPWH facilitates pre-construction activity of Antique’s two major road networks
by PS Mabaquiao

San Jose, Antique (20 August 2008) — The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is on the process of facilitating requirements for pre-construction activities of Antique’s major road networks, Pandan- Libertad Road in the north and Antique/Iloilo Anini-y – Villavert Jimenez Road in the south.

Engr. Rafael Valenzuela in an interview said that for Pandan Libertad Road, the payment of the road right of way which is part of the pre-construction has just finished in the amount of P4 million. Funded by Japan Bank of International Cooperation (JBIC), the bidding of the project is set this month.

Meanwhile, the counterpart of the Government of the Philippines in the amount of P75 million will be released soon as it is included in the DPWH budget FY 2008 General Appropriations Act (Republic Act 9498).

As stated in 2007 State of the Nation Address of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the concreting of Pandan-Libertad Road will provide easy access not only for Antiqueños in northern Antique but also for foreign and local tourists who travel in the nautical highway going to Boracay and other tourist destination in Central Visayas.

For Iloilo/Antique Anini-y – Villavert Jimenez Road Concreting project, the local DPWH is still on the process of preparing documents for the payment of road right of way. “We have allocated P5 million for the partial payment of structures and properties affected by the construction,” said Engr. Valenzuela.

The 42-kilometer road going to San Joaquin, Iloilo from Villavert Jimenez, Hamtic passing through the municipalities of Tobias Fornier and Anini-y has a total appropriation of P272.621 million under the 2008 Infrastructure Program of DPWH.

Anini-y – Villavert Jimenez Road will serve as alternative route going to Iloilo particularly during rainy days where Hamtic- Iloilo road more often experienced landslides/soil erosion. The new route will not only provide easy access to commuters in the said areas but will also open doors for tourism and other economic ventures.

Engr. Valenzuela enjoined all road users to cooperate with the maintenance crew of DPWH and the local government units to ensure the roads are safe for the commuting public and to those affected by the road right of way to help negotiators prepare their documents so that they will be paid on time. (PIA)

DPWH Antique bares readiness to build Pandan-Libertad Road
by PS Mabaquiao

San Jose, Antique (1 August 2007) — “The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is ready to supervise the implementation of Pandan – Libertad Road as soon as winning contractor is known”, said Engr. Rafael Valenzuela, District Engineer, DPWH Antique Engineering District.

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in her State of the Nation Address particularly mentioned that Pandan-Libertad road is waiting for Japan to approve the contractors. The 28 kilometer-road will connect Boracay, a leading overall tourist destination in central Philippines to the newly declared Nature Park in Northwest Panay Peninsula.

DPWH Antique has designated Nathan Arguelles as Special Agent to negotiate with owners of affected structures of the road right of way of Pandan-Libertad road. “We have in fact paid more than 50% of the affected structure amounting to more than P2 million which is a requisite before the construction starts”, said Merrel Luchavez, Engineer III of DPWH Antique.

Engr. Valenzula further said that the Project Management Office in DPWH central office has the jurisdiction of the project, the only responsibility of the Antique Engineering District is to settle the road right of way and ensure that affected individuals cooperate and demolish the affected structures.

Concreting of Pandan-Libertad road will not only boost eco-tourism in northern Antique but also enhance agricultural productivity and economic enterprises. It will also strengthen business in northern Antique. The town of Culasi few kilometers away from Pandan has sea port where big vessels plying Manila, Mindoro and Semirara Island in Caluya dock while Libertad has a wharf which hosts cargo and passenger boats from Mindoro and Caluya.

Meanwhile, DPWH Antique continues to conduct regular maintenance of roads and bridges in the province particularly those prone to soil erosion/landslides especially now that rainy season has started. The agency has on-going projects on farm to market roads, multi-purpose centers and school building program funded under the Priority Development Assistance Fund of Congressman Exequiel Javier. (PIA)

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