Religious Venerations

Feast of St. Vincent Ferrer
– Joint Municipal and Religious Town Fiesta

The town fiesta in honor of St. Vincent Ferrer is being held every April 21-25 in the town proper of Pandan. People attend the mass first early in the morning and afterwards the celebration will be witnessed all over the town. St. Vincent Ferrer is the patron saint of Pandan and also the patron saint of the fishermen. You will still see the original statue of St. Vincent Ferrer inside the catholic church. It was given by Doña Matilde Rojo to his son, Fr. Mariano Vicente Zapanta, the parish priest of Pandan in 1797.

Barrio Fiestas

Each barangay in Pandan has its own fiesta in honor of its own patron saint. The fiestas are normally being held in April, May and December.

Our Lady of Fatima

It’s located across the Catholic Church in the town proper of Pandan.

Rosa Mistica in Luhod Bayang

It’s located up in the hills of Luhod Bayang in Patria, Pandan, Antique. It has 14 stations of the cross where people do their way of the cross especially during Easter. It’s a very nice place to hike.

St. Lorenzo Ruiz

It’s located beside the Catholic Church in the town proper of Pandan. St. Lorenzo Ruiz is the first Filipino Saint. This particular shrine was built by the Dioso-Quemado family.