Cultural Traditions


It was a traditional welcome to the soldiers, in honor of those who liberated Pandan from the Spanish colonizers. It was normally being held in Baybay Beach during the town fiesta in April. Now a days, Dongkahilwayan is no longer being done.

Ati-Atihan and Mardi-Gras

This festivity is being done during the town fiesta as replacement to Dongkahilwayan. There are several groups and barangays participating wearing uniforms or dressing up like natives, the “Atis”, in honor of one of the ancestors of the Pandananons aside from the Indo-Malays, Chinese, and Spaniards.

Dasigay Bugsay
– Palabadan Boat Rowing Competition

This festivity is a yearly event, every 24th of April as part of the fiesta celebration. It started in 2001 and it became an annual exciting activity.