From Antique to America – Memoirs of a Filipino-American Doctor


By Dr. Cesar D. Candari, M.D., FCAP Emeritus

A book entitled “SUCCESS IS A JOURNEY”, creating a Life from Antique to America is now available. It is a story of the life, memoirs of a Filipino – American physician from Antique to America. Pandan, Antique is where I came from in the Philippines. This is the first book memoir written by a Filipino-American physician (Foreign Medical Graduate) among the 20,861 (census of 2008) doctors now practicing in the U.S. The book will be released soon. Here is the message from Congressman Bob Filner of the 51st Congressional District of California:

“My warmest congratulations to Dr. Cesar D. Candari for writing this book of his memoir, entitled “SUCCESS IS A JOURNEY”, creating a life from Antique, Philippines to the United States of America.

The themes cover a diversity of subjects: from a lowly man who was a dreamer and became a physician, participated in the American Dream and forged to awaken the Filipino-American psyche from the torpor of an imperative change.

His primary dream was the unity of all Filipinos, wherever they are, but especially in this second country they have adopted.

By simply wanting to help others, Dr. Candari discovered that his life became more meaningful and grand. His mission to reach others in their dire need made his life extraordinary. Dr. Candari, one of the three founding physicians, calls

Operation Samahan the highlight of his career. Indeed, I am absolutely impressed of the founding of a community health clinic that served the poor and the disadvantage in the San Diego County. The “Operation Samahan” story, “From ethnic to the mainstream” is an example of his brilliant and exemplary leadership.

I was very pleased that a person of Dr. Candari’s competence who served on the San Diego Stadium Authority on my recommendation, contributed to the City of San Diego in this very significant way. Dr. Candari’s evident visibility in the city as well as the California’s political arena has been producing positive image results for the Filipinos.

It is with great honor and pride that I wrote this introduction message for this book, entitled “SUCCESS IS A JOURNEY.”


Member of Congress

About the Author: CESAR D. CANDARI, M.D., FCAP EMRITUS is a pathologist, has practiced in San Diego for thirty years at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center (now Mercy Scripps) and retired in 1999. Born and raised in Pandan, Antique, Philippines, he graduated valedictorian in high school. He moved to the United States after graduation from the Far Eastern University Institute of Medicine, Manila Philippines in 1961. After his postgraduate training in the field of pathology, he became a Diplomate in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology and the first Filipino-American Certified Specialist in Blood Banking and served as Medical Director of Transfusion Service.

You can buy the book from Amazon:
Success Is A Journey: Memoirs of a Life from Antique to America

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