The Legend of Bulalacao Tumaca

During the Spanish Period, there lived in Mt. Mab-o, Mag-aba and Pino-poan, Patria a tribal leader of the Atis named Bulalacao Tumaca sometime between the year 1740 and 1805. He was the biggest, the strongest, and the best sprinter in his tribe. Bulalacao Tumaca is believed to have possessed exceptional powers that the Atis called in their primitive expression as “Binto Hangin” meaning winged-horse and “Busali-an” meaning a man with superhuman qualities. During that time, Capiz which have jurisdiction over Mab-o and Pandan was ruled by the cruel Spanish Governor named Ricardo Fuentes and his beautiful wife, Maria. Maria has a very powerful and lovely voice and when she is punished by her cruel husband, she just sang lamentable songs that gathered sympathy among the members in their household.

Bulalacao Tumaca was so attracted to the beautiful wife of the Gobernador that he decided to work as a househelp in the Gobernador’s house. Tumaca was readily accepted by Fuentes and even served as a bodyguard for her wife. By having Tumaca look after his wife, Ricardo Fuentes was relieved of his nagging feelings of jealousy and suspicion that Maria might see other men.

Because of Tumaca’s diligence and gentlemanly ways in performing his tasks, Maria has developed an admiration towards the ati. One mid-summer day, as Maria Fuentes was then leisurely resting on a “duyan” (hammock), Bulalacao Tumaca was also busy working, a few meters away. Maria Fuentes was intently observing Bulalacao Tumaca who was so absorbed in his work, when she noticed something out of Tumaca’s g-string. Maria burst into laughter that made Tumaca so embarrassed. Taking such incident as an insult to his manhood, he impulsively snatched the hammock with Maria and swift away at a speed no one can ever imagine. Gobernador Fuentes tried to chase and bring Maria back but to no avail.

After the incident, Tumaca and Maria lived in Mab-o. He served her with all the love and affection he can afford that even single-handedly hauled a giant “manlot” (seashell) to the top of Mt. Mab-o as a special tub for Maria. They begot dark and fair skinned daughters namely: Cawayan Tumaca (Maria) 1780-1811, Inyawan Tumaca (Juana) 1785-1821 and Nowaga (Tinawagan) Tumaca (Isabel) 1787-1834. These daughters were later to become the mothers of the children of a certain Padre Mariano Zapanta.

To these days, the “manlot” still rest on top of Mab-o mountain, a testimony to a love that knew no barrier and has transcended race, color and stature in mankind.

The Legend of Malumpati

Once upon a time, there lived a big female crocodile called Malumpat-ati. She was the biggest and the strongest female crocodile in the whole Bugang River. No male crocodile within the area can conquer and mate with Malumpat-ati. The problem of Malumpat-ati was that she can not find a big male crocodile suitable to be her mate to produce offspring for regeneration.

One day, one big crocodile from Mindoro happened to pass by and took noticed of Malumpat-ati. This crocodile was called Manlonggong who came from a big river in San Jose, Mindoro. Manlonggong immediately fell in love with Malumpat-ati.

While Manlonggong was singing his love songs to Malumpat-ati, another big male crocodile pass by the Bugang River and noticed Malumpat-ati. This crocodile was Manduriao who came from the Iloilo River. Like Manlonggong, Manduriao fell in love with Malumpat-ati at first sight. So he began singing his love songs to Malumpat-ati.

The common interest of the two, Manlonggong and Manduriao to claim the heart and love of Malumpat-ati started the rivalry between the two. Their battle of wills led serious fights until they decided to fight to death and agreed that whoever wins will be the rightful mate of Malumpat-ati.

The two big crocodiles fought savagely and brutally for three days and three nights, until both of them got exhausted and died. It was said that the present Malumpati Resort was the site of the last fatal duel of Manlonggong and Manduriao. That fierce battle created that big pool now called the Malumpati Health Spring and Tourist Resort. Poor Malumpat-ati died with old age with no mate and offspring.