Idiacacan Beach, Idiacacan, Pandan, Antique, 2010 Photos

Idiacacan Beach is another unspoiled beach area in Idiacacan, Pandan, Antique, Philippines.

The photos were especially taken in front of the residence of Mr. E. Alfon and family in Barangay Idiacacan. Just like what we did in Calabanog Beach, we went to their place and especially asked their permission so we can take a few photos of the beach. The family has a private beach house but I think they also accept guests who would like to have an excursion at the beach area.

The water at that particular beach area is a natural protected area. I cannot remember it thoroughly but I was told that there is some sort of a natural farm of corals or sea shells under the water. People are allowed to swim in the area but not allowed to fish without consideration, I guess, especially for commercial purposes.

Photos of the Idiacacan Beach in Barangay Idiacacan were taken by Sofie Hofmann ( between 10:27am and 10:29am in Idiacacan, Pandan, Antique, Philippines on May 13, 2010.

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