Pandan Bay, Pandan, Antique Photos

“Pandan is primarily a fishing and farming community. Considering the rich fishing ground of Pandan – the Pandan Bay – which could be found on NAMRIA MAP No. 4414 under coordinates 11°21.50’N and 122°5.5’E to 11°45.8’N and 121°50’E Pandan, as it had been in the past, is an exporting municipality of quality fishes like yellow-finned tuna, talakitok, tangigue and blue marlins.” –

See how beautiful Pandan Bay was from Baybay Beach on May 25, 2009 between 5:48pm and 6:06pm.

Most of the fishermen were on their way to go fishing. Truly inspiring!

Fantastic views of Pandan Bay in Pandan, Antique, Philippines. Simply magnificent!

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Photos were taken by Sofie Hofmann ( between 5:48 and 6:06 just before Sunset and after Sunset in Baybay, Pandan, Antique, Philippines on May 25, 2009.

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