Bugang River, Pandan, Antique Photos

Bugang River has been getting a lot of attention, both national and international.

First and foremost, Bugang River won the President’s Award for Environment “Gawad Pangulo sa Kapaligiran” as the cleanest inland body of water in the Philippines.

In 2006, Pandan’s Bugang River Tour was awarded Gold Winner in the International Green Apple Environment Awards for Environmental Best Practice, Local Authorities and Ecotourism category in London.

Bugang River was 1st runner-up during the “Hiyas ng Turismo 2006” Nationwide Search.

In 2005, Bugang River was the winner of the “Dangal Ng Ilog” Award during the 1st National Summit on the State of Philippine Rivers.

But even before that, Bugang River have already received several awards.

Bugang River was eventually elevated to the Hall of Fame as the “Cleanest Inland Body of Water” in the Gawad Pangulo Sa Kapaligiran.

People from Pandan, Antique are very proud of its Bugang River being considered as the cleanest river in the Philippines.

Photos were taken by Sofie Hofmann (www.sofiehofmann.com) on the bridge in Brgy. Zaldivar, Pandan, Antique, Philippines on April 29, 2001 and April 26, 2006.

Please take note of the photos in 2001 and compare them to 2006. Can you see that there was more water in 2001 than in 2006 considering that the pictures were all taken in April during summer time in the Philippines?

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