Announcements Website and Web Design Changes

I made some changes at Pandan Antique Philippines Website with regard to the web design. It now uses one layout only, a fluid two-column theme with the sidebar on the right side. The width is no longer fixed to 750px but will adjust depending on your screen resolution, be it 800×600 or 1280×1024, but somehow a little bit limited also, so the content will not expand if the screen resolution is 1440×900 or bigger.

With regard to the navigation, the News section was changed to Blog. The news, announcements, articles, reports and events subsections are now under Blog instead of News. More subsections will be added later depending on the progress of the site updates.

This time though, as the News section is now renamed to Blog, I hope to be able to update this site regularly and might even bring in some other people to write about Pandan, our beloved town in the province of Antique.

By the way, I am aware that some search results might give you a 404 Error not found page but it is ok as you will always be redirected to site anyway.

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