Dumrog Beach, Dumrog, Pandan, Antique, Philippines, 2010 Photos

I have posted photos of Pandan beaches like Calabanog Beach and Idiacacan Beach. This time, I am posting photos of Dumrog Beach, Dumrog, Pandan, Antique, Philippines.

Photos of Dumrog Beach were taken by Sofie Hofmann (www.sofiehofmann.com) between 11:36am and 11:37am in Dumrog, Pandan, Antique, Philippines on May 13, 2010.

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Hiligaynon Bible

I was thinking of sharing this in Facebook only but I realized that I might as well share it with you.

If you are interested to hear the words of God in Hiligaynon language, you can listen to the words of God in an audio form.

Visit the Hiligaynon Bible Website to hear the good news of God particularly the New Testament of the Bible.

There is an option to download the audio form but if you do not feel like downloading it, you can also listen to it online.

Take notice of the audio which you can play and pause. It is on the top corner of the Website on the right side.

There is a drop down menu and you can choose which book and what chapter of the New Testament would you like to hear.

Some of the Hiligaynon words are really deep. But it is so nice to hear the good news of the Lord in our native language.

The Hiligaynon Bible

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Rehabilitation of Pandan-Libertad Road

This post was syndicated from https://www.pandan.ph According to the Philippines News Agency dated March 9, 2011, “The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has accelerated work on the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the Pandan-Libertad road in Antique province.”

The rehabilitation and reconstruction of the Pandan-Libertad road and 12 bridges would not only be very beneficial to the people of Antique but also to the domestic and international visitors traveling within the region.

The 12 bridges that will be rehabilitated and reconstructed will be the Nauring, Bugang, Duyong and Inigman bridges in Pandan, and the Quibacan, Igot, San Roque, Nipa, Inyawan, Maramig, Cawayan, Idiayan bridges in Libertad.

The rehabilitation of Pandan-Libertad road was projected to be finished by April 2012.

DPWH fast tracks rehab of Antique road to boost ecotourism, Philippines News Agency, March 9, 2011

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